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Massage works by affecting the nervous system directly, and dampening any pain that you’re feeling. At Sydney West Sports Medicine, our general and sports Massage Therapists are all highly qualified and hold memberships with AAMT . Patients seeking Massage Therapy at our Western Sydney based clinic can also be confident that our therapists have up to date ‘Working with Children” checks and are registered with most major health funds. Why not enjoy a healing remedial or sports massage to wind down over the weekend? We are proud to be one of the only sports massage clinics in Perth open on weekends.

We are really excited to meet you and help start your new journey of muscular health and wellbeing with us here at Jackie’s. Not only a joy to deal with, we always know her treatments will be truly fantastic & rehabilitative. • The student clinic is in an open environment with private consultation areas available.

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Our qualified physios and other practioners can adjust their massage techniques to cater to your every need. Mark is a certified and seasoned Remedial Massage/Wholistic Therapist, with over 8 years’ experience in massage, yoga wellness and meditation. Drawing on a wide collection of massage styles, Mark seeks to enhance flexibility for sports enthusiasts, to ease muscular tension and balance emotional stress.

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Workers Compensation and Transport Accident compensation – Both schemes are available with all treatment costs covered. Hygiene- All practitioners at ATUNE observe the strictest hygiene standards. Clinic Hygiene Policy is stringent and medically sound so that you can be assured that each Massage Therapist is diligent to wash their hands thoroughly, use clean linen and fresh oil for every client. We understand that every individual is different and we would encourage you to inform us if any aspect of your treatment is not relaxing and comfortable.

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All representations on this website in relation to the insurance products we arrange are subject to the full terms and conditions of the relevant policy. 3We will process your certificate of currency request instantly but, depending on your internet speed and email server, it could take a few minutes to get to your inbox. If you’re arranging the policy via one of our Brokers the time line may vary, however it is likely to be a minimum of 24 hours. Depending on your individual needs and circumstances, Personal Accident insurance can be tailored to cover you for injuries sustained at work, on your journey to work, and/or anywhere, covering you 24/7. If you own your own business, you’re likely responsible for making some big decisions. Management liability insurance is designed to cover you and your business against actual or alleged mismanagement of your business.

All of the Luna Therapists are fully qualified in Remedial Massage with a range of additional physical therapy modalities. We pride ourselves on being Pain Relief Specialists, providing our clients with instant relief from muscular tension. Some of our therapists are also trained with alternative medicine techniques such as dry needling and cupping. Our Massage therapists at Chiropractic and Allied Health have years of experience. Therapeutic Massage Therapy involves the manual manipulation of the superficial layers of muscle and connective tissue to enhance their function and promote relaxation and well being.

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Deep massage – slower, more-forceful strokes to target the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue, commonly to help with muscle damage from injuries. In the age of the quick 10 minute massage and the kiosk masseuse, the importance of expertise and professional knowledge in massage has never been greater. When you get a massage from a physiotherapist you are benefiting from four plus years of dedicated university study on the human body.

Massage has many benefits for recovery, injury prevention, and health. The benefits of massage include loosening muscles, stimulating muscles and improved energy. The list goes on to also include aiding in recovery, enhanced metabolism and circulation, and stress reduction.


Her goal is to help release body tension to alieviate stress and leave you feeling refreshed. QUALIFIED AND EXPERIENCED. Activ Therapy massage therapists are all professionally qualified and registered, with years of experience providing “hands on therapy” for all conditions. That way you can be sure to always be receiving safe, effective and tailored treatment.

Growing up an elite athlete, Jordyn always found remedial massage helped her perform at her best which in turn lead to her pursing a career in remedial massage. Jordyn has always been interested in how the body functions and how she can help improvide others function. The youngest of three in a sporty family, Kirstyn was on the side-lines from the beginning with her two older brothers football games. Kirstyn’s interest and passion in remedial massage stemmed from seeing how treatment assisted her bother’s recovery from a shoulder injury due to a bad tackle on the football field. Massage Therapy may be a safe and effective treatment that aims at relieving muscle aches and pains, as well as improving circulation and range of movement.


Seven stretches to reduce neck and back pain while working from home. Vera Women’s Wellness acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of country throughout Australia and their connections to land, sea and community. They often work in collaboration with the other practitioners including the Chiropractors, Osteopaths and Psychologists to provide a personalised and holistic approach to your problem.

Depending on the organisation, the number of sessions may be capped at three and there may be an interval of 4-6 weeks between sessions. For example, Eastern Palliative Care, Melbourne City Mission and Banksia Palliative Care based in Victoria, provide massage as part of their palliative service. Clients can expect a relaxing ambience, with candles, incense and soothing music usually part of the whole ensemble. Depending on their preference, a client may request the inclusion of essential oils or lotions. Most types of massage will take place on a massage table lying down, but in some cases the massage takes place whilst you are seated on a massage chair or lying on a floor mat.

Remedial massage techniques such as deep tissue, sports massage, trigger point therapy and PNF stretching are combined for an overall curative approach. A therapist needs knowledge of anatomy and physiology to determine where to treat each patient. Immerse yourself in the evolution of health and wellness with tailored massage therapy treatments at Medisport Clinic. Offering a wide range of active patient care and wellness solutions, our massage treatments focus on non-invasive techniques to find and treat the root cause of your pain. With our massage therapy services, you can take a fresh sigh of relief and enjoy the wonderful feeling of pain-free movement. Take your wellness to the next level with holistic massage treatments today.


You’ll learn the latest remedial massage techniques and be exposed to a variety of clinical and sporting environments. Anyone can benefit from a massage but those who are in pain, experiencing chronic health conditions or who feel any soreness, tension or tightness in their body will benefit from massage. She loves bringing wellness and relaxation to her clients while encouraging them to embrace their natural beauty with the help of skincare and treatments.

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We wish to acknowledge the Wurundjeri Woi-wurrung people as Traditional Custodians of the land on which the Camberwell Junction shopping precinct is today. We pay our respects to the Elders, past, present 세종왁싱 and future, and recognise the continuing connection and contribution to this land. This kind of massage may help with common problems, such as back sprains, sore shoulders, and stiff necks.


If you are engaging an independent therapist, ensure that your therapist is properly trained and has the experience to work safely with you. Massage therapists differ greatly in terms of their training and experience so you can refer to the guidelines below to assist you with this process. Massage Therapists employed by community-based organisations offer massage as part of the palliative service, so there is no charge for the massage.

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Lymph can stagnate from stress, food additives, poor diet, chemical overloading, obesity, fatigue or damage to lymph vessels. The lymphatic system is an important part of the immune system that is often overlooked in healthcare. MLD has been shown to be vital in pre and post-surgery in accelerating healing time. Tender when pressed upon, trigger points cause a shortening of the muscle fibres, and have a special property called referred pain. This means that a trigger point in one muscle can create pain in another area.

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A massage therapist’s hands are her most important tool, which she uses to treat patients, and also to identify physical and bio-mechanical problems. The therapist palpates the patient’s body to determine the condition of the tissues and the source of any pain, and suggests the correct form of remedial treatment based on her analysis. 대구홈타이 The Diploma of Remedial Massage delves deeper into more advanced massage practices, such as trigger point therapy and neuromuscular techniques. It also focuses on the area of special orthopaedic testing, which allows remedial massage therapists to further investigate a client’s complaints and unearth more advanced dysfunctions.

Liz enjoys piecing together the specific patterns of use that are causing discomfort and being able to help return the body to a more optimum functioning. Liz is able to integrate her prior learning in Shiatsu into her current practice. She continues to develop her knowledge and skills to date through further study.

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Here at TrainSmart Australia, we have only the best trainers in the industry. We vet our trainers through many different standards to make sure that they are the best pick for our team. Our expert-designed curriculum has been formed to demonstrate the latest techniques in the remedial industry and engage and inspire in the most comprehensive way possible.

The distribution of the oils throughout the circulatory and lymphatic systems via skin absorption. This distribution in combination with massage techniques gives a deeply relaxing treatment to ease physical and nervous tension. The word “massage” has its origin in both the Greek and Hebrew languages. It is a combination of the Hebrew word ‘me-sakj’ which means ‘to anoint with oil’ and the Greek word ‘massein’ which means to knead. It is the practice of influencing soft tissue through physical manipulation of the body. Contact us to see how our massage specialists can help and the other services available.

I always leave feeling so much better and the advice they offer is great. Good customer service, left a voice mail and they actually called back and booked appointment. Joint Mobilisation – Joint mobilization therapy works by applying a low speed, passive movement of a joint, encouraging intracapsular movement, and improving stiffness and pain. Drainage of swelling, lymphedema – due to its blood-stimulating properties, sports massage is effective in reducing swelling, enhancing your recovery and mobility. The Massage Therapist will aim to balance the length, tone and tension of muscles and tendons, which restores the correct position of the bones, increases blood flow and helps heal injuries.


Signature Blend Healing Massage is a combination of Tuina Deep Tissue Massage, Relaxation Massage and Reiki that is used in a single treatment to incorporate all the benefits from each therapy. I went to the Max Therapy in Elizabeth Street, Melbourne, in the city. Very good therapist who almost put me to sleep in a very short time.

Physiotherapy is an ongoing process that combines several at-home exercises and in-clinic procedures to foster the best results. A physiotherapist will assist in person by running exercises or guided stretches and even may perform massaging. The deeper friction aims to break down the adhesions through muscle fibres and increase range of movement and flexibility and provide an increase in circulation and a reduction of fibrotic tissue. Before your massage appointment with Sports Medicine Clinic, drink lots of water to get your body ready for the treatment. We recommend getting to your appointment with time to spare so you can better relax for your appointment. I’ve been getting massages since High School, I’ve had a bad shoulder since a young age and then career wise I’ve ended up with more pain in my bad shoulder and that grabbing muscle pain lower back every now and then.

Strong passion in combining Aromatherapy with deep-tissue massage to help you relaxing from emotionally and physically. Myofascial tissue is the fibrous connective tissue that supports and protects your muscles and bones. A Remedial Massage therapist uses systematic assessment and treatment of the muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissues of the body, to assist in pain, injury and rehabilitation. To understand how to treat patients, a remedial therapist must know anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology.

She is dedicated to the maintenance of living a healthy lifestyle, which transfers into her holistic, massage therapy approach. Sessions run for 90 minutes, and we ask you to be open about your prior and current health status. This will allow your therapist to help you achieve the most beneficial results from your sessions. This non-invasive method may be added to your care plan for faster, more lasting results. After a massage session, muscles are more relaxed, allowing the doctor to adjust you more easily and deeper.

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Your Massage Therapist will develop a care plan that suits your own health and maintenance goals. If you are also having Chiropractic Care this plan will be developed in consultation with your Chiropractor. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, this industry is expected to grow very strongly over the next 5 years with approximately 3,000 Australians eager to start working as qualified therapists by 2025. Chat with our Career Advisory team to find out more about our courses, career pathways, RPL and more. Massage Therapy may reduce cortisol levels while increasing serotonin and dopamine (‘happy’ hormones) that can leave people feeling relaxed and calm.

The charge rate may vary for any other appointment types booked in with the practitioner. She possesses a highly intuitive, mindful and thorough approach to her work, and carefully listens to the body in order to effectively communicate with it. Our treatment rooms are fitted with the latest equipment, massage beds, and are air-conditioned. We all at some point may have experienced some swelling and noticeable inflammation that could be accompanied by pain, joint stiffness, and discoloured skin. In the spirit of reconciliation, Prana Physiotherapy & Health acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of country throughout Australia and their connections to land, sea and community.

Whatever the order, the two therapies will build on each other over time to resolve problems, and support your general good health. Many people suffer from chronic muscle pain due to patterns of compensation that have developed as a result of injury, incorrect posture or skeletal distortion. Treatment consists of long flowing strokes, kneading and manipulation of the muscles to gently relax away your worries. Performed at your chosen level of pressure, it’s the pain-free way to relax your body, mind and soul. Focused kneading is dedicated to sore aches and chronically tense spots, providing immediate relief to specific parts you want to focus on. A great option for a quick rejuvenation during work or a longer session to assist with pain management and provide thorough relaxation.

Through studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncture, Jamieson has a particular interest in establishing an internal balance of your mind, body and spirit. Latoya is also trained in Body Treatments such as Mud Detox, Body Exfoliation scrubs and mini facials. Her goal is for each one of her clients to leave pain and stress free, rejuvenated, and relaxed. Remedial Massage is a scientifically proven to optimise muscle performance.